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Engel Embroidery at the End Result Expo

CANNONSBURG, PA (06.26.2019) – At the recent End Result Expo, Number 17, in Pittsburgh Engel Embroidery made a special offer to 12volt and Home AV dealers attending the event.

The team from Audio Visual Concepts with their Engel Embroidery shirts. Jonathan Sherman, John Brunett and Tony Audi’s.

Lori Engel commented “Our goal was engage with new customers for our embroidery business. We participated in the pre-show email campaign with a special offer to create a custom embroidery baseball cap for dealers attending the event. The offer was very simple. A dealer could send his store’s logo and we would create one baseball cap at no charge. All the logo digitizing and embroidery work was included at no charge. In all we had over a dozen dealers respond and the baseball caps were delivered at the Expo.”

“We got the shirts in five colors so we could wear a different color each day. The embroidery work on our logo is super. On Saturdays it’s generally more casual with a fresh T-shirt from one of our brands” John Brunett.

While in the booth at the End Result Expo the Engel staff met with a large number of dealers to drive future business. Specialty promo items and apparel opportunities were also presented to dealers.

This Team Nutz cap done by Engel Embroidery shows precise detail.

Engel stated “We got orders for custom pens, baseball caps and shirts at the Expo.”

John Brunett from Audio Visual Concepts, Clarkesburg VA, ordered 15 shirts for his team. Brunett related to 12volt News “We bought 5 different colors so staff members could wear a different shirt each weekday. We all love the shirts and have a sense of pride when working with customers in the store”.

Ed Dalesando, who spearheaded the End Result Expo stated “As I travel the end Result territory I am in a lot of stores. When the staff members are wearing a nice company shirt it definitely raises the bar.”

To contact Engel Embroidery, call 724-260-0069 or visit engelembroidery.com


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