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Elettromedia US at PNWCEE for 7th Year in a Row

SEATTLE, WA (04.16.2019) – The Pacific Northwest Consumer Electronics Expo is set for April 24-26 in Seattle, WA. Elettromedia US will have a major presence on the expo floor.

Sean Reid, Sales Manager Elettromedia US

Sean Reid, Sales Manager Elettromedia US stated “We are totally committed to supporting our dealers in the Pacific Northwest, and are sponsoring the Ken Ward Educar Key Note Event on “The Business of DSP” on April 24th Wednesday evening. As a manufacturer who helped lead the way 12 years ago with the Audison Bit One, and the recently released Audison Forza Amplifier w/ DSP 8X85w rms power, we believe DSP should be part of every system. We are also sponsoring Educar’s “Tuning DSP” class at 11:30 am and The First 3 Questions of OEM Integration at t 5:00PM- both on Thursday April 25th.

Reid will be joined by Mark & Valentina Giovannetti from the Pacific Rim Marketing (PRM) Representative firm at the event.

“For any existing Audison or Hertz Dealers, as well as Dealers who are interested in becoming an Authorized Dealer in markets where there currently isn’t a conflict, we are offering a set of Hertz or Audison Director chairs for every qualifying order as well as additional discounts. Please stop by our booth and get all the details. All orders must be written at the event.”

Visit elettromedia-usa.com for more.


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