• Mike Van Horn

Eighty Twenty Marketing Rep Firm Now Serving Eastern States from VA to ME

(08.06.2019) – Thomas Scuderi and Vincent McGraw are proud to announce the launch of their new rep firm, Eighty Twenty Marketing LLC.

Tom and Vinny have a combined 50 years in consumer electronics sales including over 30 years as direct manufactures representatives with Pioneer. The new company will cater to quality manufacturers and vendors that need representation at specialty retailers within the eastern states of Virginia north to Maine.

Tom and Vinny are known for their direct detailed approach and follow through in representing a brand. Throughout their careers they have built strong knowledge of the market conditions and retailers in the Eastern central and Northeastern states.

Tom and Vinny are recognized throughout the consumer electronics community for their ability to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for fresh and powerful representations for your brand you can contact Tom and Vinny through their web page: 80Twentymarketing.com


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