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Echomaster’s Complete Kit for Installing Lane Change Assistance Cameras

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CLEARWATER, FL (07.30.2018) – EchoMaster, a Power Brand of AAMP Global, has announced a new lane change assistance camera kit, FCTP-DP1504, for 2014 – 2018 RAM ProMaster utility vehicles with standard or extended tow mirrors. This kit includes everything you need to install lane change assistance cameras into a universal monitor.

With the factory matching side mirror caps, you can seamlessly integrate cameras to the side mirrors to improve a driver’s situational awareness, enabling a safer and more informed driving experience.

Due to the ProMasters’ larger size, the driver is presented with significant blind spot areas creating dangerous situations when driving, parking, and reversing. Adding safety cameras to a vehicle has been proven to reduce the risk from the more common-place blind spot accidents such as back-over crashes, or side-swipe crashes. This is especially common when smaller vehicles or motorcycles are in a utility vehicle’s blind spot while changing lanes.

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The lane change assistance cameras in this kit are responsive to driver behavior by automatically activating when using turn signals. This creates a seamless view of side blind spots while driving reducing the risk for blind spot accidents.


An intelligent camera switcher, the PAC VS41, is also included to provide you with the ability to add even more cameras to the vehicle such as rear, front, or roof mounted cameras to create a viewing solution to meet the driver’s needs.

What’s included in FCTP-DP1504:

  1. Two factory matching mirror caps

  2. Two weatherproof rated cameras – IP67

  3. Two camera extension harnesses

  4. Front camera adapter

  5. Intelligent 4-camera switcher

  6. Harness for camera switcher

  7. Warranty card

  8. Installation manual

All EchoMaster PRO products include a 3-year warranty.

Visit EchoMaster.com for more.


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