• Mike Van Horn

East Coast USA Joins EDA

SEATTLE, WA (04.10.2019) – Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA) has announced the addition of East Coast USA (ECUSA) to its member ranks. ECUSA is the thirteenth distributor admitted to the buying group – increasing the buying power to over $140,000,000.

East Coast USA is based out of New Hyde Park in New York City and provides same day or next day service to the five New York boroughs plus Long Island, and other portions of New York state and northern New Jersey. The distributorship is owned and operated by Albert Zandi who founded the company in 1995 with Navid Pour.

Josh Eatherly, EDA’s President, commented, “EDA is growing and we’re excited to have Albert on the team. Albert adds a unique dynamic to the group that we’re eager to embrace; his knowledge of the business is so fundamentally sound and his purchasing power is impressive.”

Albert Zandi, East Coast USA’s President added, “Our team is thrilled to be working with this amazing group of Distributors. I know I will learn a lot and believe we can contribute as well.”

Jim Warren, EDA’s Executive Director said, “I’ve gotten to know Albert Zandi over the past year – and what a privilege it has been. This company is universally admired by our vendor partners.”

Visit elitedistributoralliance.com and ecusad.com for more.


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