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Earthquake Sound Welcomes Matt Smith as PR and Visual Designer

Matt Smith

HAYWARD, CA (08.03.2018) – Earthquake Sound is proud to welcome Matt Smith to the team. Matt is Earthquake’s new PR and Visual Designer. He obtained his AA in Fine Art as well as a BA in Multimedia which allowed him to develop several skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other 2D and 3D based programs. He is also skilled in several web-based coding languages allowing him to expand his job title.

Previously, Matt had been working on several projects with top Silicon Valley companies, from quality control for map applications to animating 3D tours of entire cities; he has proven himself to be highly versatile. When he isn’t busy editing images or creating motion graphics, he likes to perfect one of his other skills, brewing. He used his motion graphics and brewing skills to create easy-to-follow visual tutorials for beginner brewers.


“We look forward to having Matt on the team and would like to give him a warm welcome to the Earthquake family.”

For any PR related questions, feel free to reach out to Matt’s email, [email protected]

Visit earthquakesound.com for more.


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