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Earthquake Sound Shipping Powerhouse Amplifier Line

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HAYWARD, CA (09.12.2018) – Made for serious audio competitions, the Earthquake Sound PowerHouse line of amplifiers deliver far beyond expectations with blazing performance, intelligent design, and unique features that are second to none. PowerHouse amplifiers are offered in both Class “A/B” and “J” models and are sure to help you crush the competition.

The PowerHouse Class “J” amplifiers operate in the range of 95% efficiency and can run hard all day without breaking a sweat. Heat-sink designs, larger input and output terminals, and precise fine tuning have put these reigning champions in an untouchable category. The meticulously designed heat-sink evenly distributes heat from the amplifier so the amp stays extraordinarily efficient and cool.

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PowerHouse Class “A/B” amplifiers feature advanced power supplies that perform much more efficiently than any other on the market. This technology allows these amps to produce more power while putting less of a load on your vehicle’s electrical system. This means more power to your speakers, no thermal shut down problems, and longer play times than the competition. These PowerHouse Class A/B amps deliver with awesome frequency response: 10 to 50,000 Hz (± 3dB) and distortion as low as 0.001%. These features combined with precision signature engineering matches or betters most amplifiers costing two to three times as much.


The PowerHouse series amplifiers by Earthquake Sound are crafted for those enthusiasts who have power hungry setups. When competition day comes and your systems need that extra bit of power, look no further because PowerHouse amps will help you become the new crowned champion.

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