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Earthquake Sound Shipping New DBXi Subwoofers

HAYWARD, CA (08.07.2018) – For the car audio enthusiast who is seeking pounding and accurate bass; Earthquake Sound brings to you the DBXi subwoofer. Available in 12” and 15” models, these heavy hitters are top of the line hands down and produce some serious lows for your vehicle.

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The DBXi subs feature a Super Wide Edge (SWE) surround with 1.25″ high multi-layered, pressed and laminated foam that allow a cone movement well over two inches without any deformation. They have the patented TCT™ (Turbine Cooled Transducer) technology to keep the voice coil running cool. The 12D/15D have the highest quality tensile leads stitched into the spider thus eliminating the chance of lead flopping against the spider or cone during extreme movement. They also feature Progressive Design Double Spiders allowing long excursion with perfect linear motion, preventing the voice coil from rubbing. If you want even more bass without additional amplifier power, a SLAPS Passive Radiator will perfectly complement the DBXi.


The 12″ and 15″ DBXi deliver high SPL while remaining fast, accurate, and musical. The amount of bass that these output is absolutely astounding and are sure to satisfy your craving for that earth shattering bass. If you are looking for a low bass monster, look no further.

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