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Earthquake Sound Releases VTEK Component Sets

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HAYWARD, CA (10.09.2018) – Designed to deliver audiophile sound quality, VTEK Components from Earthquake Sound are top of the line that play hard and loud while remaining free of stressful distortion. You will be amazed of the vibrant imaging that these sets produce. The VTEK Component sets are available in 5.25” and 6.5” models to suit your installation needs for your vehicle.

These components feature tri-layered electroplated carbon fiber woofer cones that produce accurate and natural-sounding bass thanks to a linear drive magnet design and the excellent sound-propagating qualities of the woofers’ low mass cone. They also feature passive crossovers with silk tweeters that are dialed in to reproduce the crispest and most accurate highs while matching perfectly with the sound of the long range drivers. Additionally, the PistonMax wide surrounds pushed out to the edge of a high quality die-cast aluminum basket produce 20% more performance than any other surround.

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The bottom line is that these are sound quality speakers designed to take the guessing game out of high-end speaker choices. Thanks to Earthquake’s combination of innovative materials and design, the VTEK Components will fit with any system from competitions to your everyday commute vehicle.

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