• Mike Van Horn

Earthquake Sound Releases UBT Universal +/- Battery Terminals

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HAYWARD, CA (11.15.2018) – Professional installers enjoy the details and fine workmanship found in Earthquake Sound’s superior audio and power connectors. Earthquake’s UBT 0488 and 2428 platinum coated brass universal battery terminals are highly conductive and designed for high-current applications and superior performance for all car audio wiring projects. The UBT’s are available in 0/4/8/8 and 4/4/8/8 gauge configurations that allow for a variety of installations.


These universal terminals are also compatible with positive and negative battery posts that provide you with increased application. Whether you are making a simple upgrade to your audio existing car audio system or wiring up a crazy project for competitions, Earthquake Sound has got you covered. Check out the AK 3000 and AK 5000 installation kits to pair up with our UBT’s to further enhance your wiring installs.

To see the UBT 0488 product page, click here.

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