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Earthquake Sound Releases New MiNi D Mono Amplifier

HAYWARD, CA (08.24.2018) – For you car audio enthusiasts who are searching for a remarkably compact and efficient mono amplifier, Earthquake Sound has got your back. EQ’s “MiNi D” amplifiers deliver unbelievable performance in a compact size and stand as the most efficient Class “D” amplifiers on the market today. The MiNi D’s are available in three models to suit your installation needs ranging from 1000, 2000, and 2500 watts.

MiNi D1000 2nd Gen (Click for product page)

With less than 2-inches tall, the MiNi D Mono amplifiers can be installed into tight spaces (under the seat, behind the back seat, etc.) allowing you to keep that valuable storage space in your vehicle. The 2nd generation series models now have a built-in 5.2V USB connector to power a Bluetooth™ or WiFi module. MiNi D’s all feature a built-in preamplifier with Bass Boost, Variable Subsonic Filter, LPF (Low Pass Filter), Frequency Adjustment, and Gain Control allowing the user to fully customize the frequency response and shape to their requirements.


One other unique feature to the 2nd Gen MiNi D’s are the BRIDGE IN/OUT that allow you to link two amplifiers together. Designed with the patented Optical Control Circuitry, each MiNi D amplifier also comes with a built-in protection fuse which can handle 1 to 4-Ohm loads (it is most efficient in 2-Ohm installation). Furthermore, the amplifier will automatically reset once the protection circuit is triggered, unless the problem persists. Equipped with soft clipping circuitry, these amps will not produce any audible distortion when clipped by 10%.

With MiNi D Mono amplifiers, you won’t have to sacrifice efficiency and space to get the immense power and performance you need for your install. Better yet, due to their remarkable efficiency, you won’t even need extra batteries for them. Earthquake’s MiNi D Mono amplifiers are hands down the finest class “D” series ever assembled.

For product information, click here. Visit earthquakesound.com for more.


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