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Earthquake Sound Intros HDX2 Horn Tweeter

HDX2 Horn Tweeter (Click image to visit product page)

HAYWARD, CA (11.06.2018) – For the car audio fanatics who are dB hungry in midrange and high frequencies; Earthquake Sound gives to you the HDX2 Compression Driver. Horn drivers are nothing new in the audio industry but they still serve a purpose because they are more efficient and can typically produce 10 times more power than a cone speaker from a given amplifier output. That becomes an important factor when you think about car audio and even more specific to competition purposes. If you are lacking in midrange and or high frequencies then a horn/compression driver can significantly enhance your audio system.

EQH-318, EQH-326, and EQH-1125 horn accessories. (Click image to enlarge)


The HDX2 features a diecast aluminum housing, kapton copper voice coil, and a phenolic diaphragm to produce beautifully extended highs with awesome detail and clarity. It has a power handling of 150 watts and frequency response of 400Hz–9kHz. All that in mind, the horn driver is to be thought of as an “acoustic transformer” that provides impedance matching the relatively dense diaphragm material and the less-dense air. This results in a greater acoustic output power from the given driver. The HDX2 can be mounted in a variety of ways and Earthquake also provides three different horn flare styles to pair with the driver to achieve high fidelity sound throughout midrange frequencies.

To see the HDX2 product page, click here. Visit earthquakesound.com for more.


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