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Earthquake Sound Announces TNT 3-Way 6×9″ Speaker Promo

T693X – TNT Coaxials – 15% Off Dealer Pricing Valid Until 12/3/2018

HAYWARD, CA (11.27.2018) – Earthquake Sound’s TNT Series 6×9″ 3-Way coaxial speakers are an adaptable and great addition to any car audio system. They feature a low mass poly injection cone body that deliver precise sound quality in a high flow ventilation stamped steel basket design. Their 30mm mylar super tweeters can easily output exceptionally high frequencies for all ranges of music.

15% Off Dealer Pricing Valid Until 12/3/2018

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Additional features include a 600 Watts MAX power handling, frequency response of 20Hz–22kHz, expanded wide butyl rubber surround for more accurate and deeper bass, and Nomex/Romex spider assemblies for linear travel and durability. Built with shallow profiles, the T693X coaxials easily fit into factory mount imports as well as American cars and trucks.


These speakers provide the best sound quality possible while keeping mounting issues in mind as there are no obstacles for installing these speakers and no shortcuts in their construction.

If you are looking to make a significant sound quality enhancement to your audio system and increase SPL, then the 3-Way 6×9″ T693X Coaxials will get the job done and exceed expectations.

15% Off Dealer Pricing Valid Until 12/3/2018

To visit the product page, click here. Visit earthquakesound.com for more.


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