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Earthquake Sound Adds to MiNi D Series of Car Amplifiers

MiNi D1000.4, Gen 2. In Stock & Shipping. Click image for product page.

HAYWARD, CA (11.13.2018) – Earthquake Sound would like to introduce to you the newest member to the MiNi D series of car amplifiers. The all new MiNi D1000.4 (Gen 2) stands with the rest of the MiNi D family as being our most efficient Class D amps ever made; running extremely cool as it delivers unbelievable power while maintaining a super-compact size.

With the MiNi D1000.4 being less than 2-inches tall, this amplifier can be installed into incredibly small spaces (under the seat, behind the back seat, etc.) allowing you to preserve that valuable storage space in your vehicle. The MiNi D1000.4 has a power handling of 4 x 85 WRMS @ 4Ω, 4 x 120 WRMS @ 2Ω, and 2 x 200 WRMS @ 4Ω (Bridged).

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The other functions and features include a power and protection LED, independent front and rear variable x-over frequency adjustments and switches used to adjust the boosted center frequencies, bass boost for adding 0-15dB to the chosen center frequency, gain/level controls, RCA inputs (0.2V to 5V RMS), and a platinum plated 60A mini ANL fuse block/holder. With the new MiNi D1000.4 you will get immense power for your install while maximizing space and efficiency.

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