• Mike Van Horn

DS18 Shipping New Candy 5-Channel Amplifier

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (07.23.2019) – The new DS18 Candy 5-Channel amplifier is the perfect answer to all system power needs in a compact space. With a miniature size of 11” x 5” x 1.9″ it can fit almost anywhere. This tiny powerhouse puts out [email protected] and a massive 320×[email protected] for the subwoofer. This amp is perfect for the enthusiast that doesn’t have a lot of space and needs a great amount of power for screaming midrange speakers and a pounding sub.

The candy line comes in four convenient models. The 2-Channel and 4-Channel class AB amps can be mixed and matched to power all off-road musical needs without requiring a large footprint. Having these amps can barley be visible and looks like there is nothing there at all.

DS18 also has a 5-Channel that includes a subwoofer channel, so users can add a subwoofer without having to add another external amp. The subwoofer output alone outputs a massive [email protected] and the other channels can be wired down to 2 ohms for a maximum of 120w RMSx4.

The 1000-WATT RMS Class D Monoblock will power all low-end bass needs with ease. Users can easily power one, two, or four subwoofers with 1 or 2 of the palm-sized monoblack amps.

Click here to visit the product page for the Candy 5-Channel Amplifier.

Visit ds18.com for more.

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