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DS18 LIFESTYLE BOLD Shipping New Bluetooth Headphones

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (07.17.2019) – DS18 has another new lifestyle product on the loose: The DS18 BOLD Black or White noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones that also features a built-in mic.

Now here, and on the street playing all a listeners favorite tunes, the new DS18 Lifestyle Bold Bluetooth headphones bring smiles 360. These comfortable and reliable headphones are designed for heavy bass, crisp midrange, and hissing highs so no one will miss out on any note or thump of the beat.

Etti Susterman, DS18’s Chief Branding Officer, enjoys her white DS18 Lifestyle Bluetooth headphones and a cup of coffee on the dock watching the waves.

Flush mounted controls help listeners control their streaming source from fingertips easily, so no fumbling around with a phone.

The talk and listen times are up to 5 hours with a charging time of only 2 hours so users can enjoy their talk and media time quickly. With the fast recharge rate, users get back to jamming. A 32′ Bluetooth range will provide users the freedom to listen to their music with a wide range of options.

When users are ready to store these beautiful glossy black or white headphones, they easily fold up with the 3-way folding design.

Check out these Bold Bluetooth Lifestyle headphones at DS18.com for only $29.95.

Visit ds18.com for more.


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