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DS18 Hosts Loud For Tots Event

A portion of the crowd in the DS18 lot.

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (12.18.2018) – On Sunday, December 16th, DS18 hosted a Loud for Tots event at the company’s headquarters in Miami Gardens, FL. The event was created collect toys to ensure a Merry Christmas for children in need.

The grounds at DS18 HQ were filled with hot rides. Via @vonng_ds18

Enthusiasts were invited to show their rides and donate a toy for the Loud for Tots event. Enthusiasts donating a toy received a ticket for raffles that included DS18 products valued at over $1,000.

LEFT: Raffle winners took home more than $1,000 in prizes from DS18. RIGHT: The DS18 Loud for Tots event ran well past the announced 6 PM close.

DS18’s Rob Ferro related to 12voltnews.com “We had a great turnout with over 80 vehicles on the DS18 grounds. Many people brought more than one toy. In the end we collected way over 100 toys to bring smiles to the faces of many children this Christmas.”

Decked DS18 rides set to move to the lot for the Loud for Tots event.

The Loud for Tots event was scheduled from Noon until 6 PM but ran well past dark as members of the crowd checked out vehicles. DS18 rides including the show stopping Jeep Wrangler, ski rig and golf cart were highlights.

Toys for raffle tickets brought smiles to faces..

A big thanks to @vonng_ds18 and Rob Ferro for images.

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