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DS18 Debuts Zumba Loud

MIAMI GARDENS FL (07.26.19) – DS18 traveled to the Orlando Convention Center on July 24th to debut the company’s newest addition to their very broad and growing line of products, The Zumba Loud complete PA dance party speaker system.

Click here to view a promo video on Instagram @Alberto_Susterman

Thousands of loyal Zumba enthusiasts traveled to attend one of the largest Zumba conventions in the nation. Once in Orlando they showed their moves and checked out all the new Zumba gear at the event. Standing out above all other vendors, DS18 showed off their new line of PA speakers engineered with Zumba fitness in mind.

DS18 collaborated with Zumba to develop the perfect PA speaker system that drives the thumping beat across the studio with acute and clear bass. The heavy bass is accompanied by blasting midrange and high frequencies that can only be compared to concert quality sound.

In addition to the concert hall sound there is also a array of beautiful RGB lights that change colors and dance with the beat so Zumba enthusiasts can visually see the beat with the music while they dance!

More info can be found about these Zumba Loud speakers on DS18.com.


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