• Mike Van Horn

DS18 Adds a Jeep JK/JKU Teal Soundbar

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (07.12.2019) – DS18 has a brand-new addition to the company’s custom Jeep JK/JKU Sound line! The new TEAL DS18 Soundbar!

This attention grabbing plastic-mold injected Soundbar can hold up to four 8-inch speakers, four tweeters, and two high intensity drivers for the cleanest sound around town. It is easily installed using factory mounting hardware and does require some installation knowledge but overall will be a quick install.

This DS18 Soundbar comes unloaded in its bare bones form is MSRP 699.99. With the bare enclosure dealers can pick and choose the perfect audio selection of speakers for your customer’s individualistic nature. All you need are the required speakers and matching amplifier and you are ready to roll with the DS18 Teal Soundbar!

Visit ds18.com for more.


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