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DOW Electronics Hosts Elite Dealer Retreat

TAMPA, FL (08.01.2018) – DOW Electronics hosted over 130 dealers and 34 sponsor vendors for a partnership building retreat at the luxurious Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, FL. Dealers traveled in from across DOW’s 13 state territory for the event that took place July 23rd and 24th.

The Streamsong Resort was the site of the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat.

DOW designed the Elite Dealer Retreat around the desire to improve partnerships with their vendors and with their customers. The retreat provided a platform for vendors to train dealers, gather feedback, and improve relationships in a relaxed atmosphere. Monday’s agenda included six breakout sessions that were specifically tailored to the dealer audience and a networking dinner with a closest to the hole golf competition.

Dealers were treated to an activity of their choice on Tuesday, including guided bass fishing tours, sporting clays, spa services, or golfing on Streamsong’s newest course which Golf Magazine named Best New Course of 2017. Tuesday afternoon included a vendor trade show highlighting the latest products and technologies, and wrapped up with an awards presentation and raffle contest.

Elite Dealer Retreat Dealers and Sponsor Vendor Partners networked at a reception following a very busy day.

The DOW Elite Dealer Retreat provided vendors the opportunity to interact with their top customers, engage new dealers, and speak with prospects about why their products fit industry needs. Vendors worked with DOW to identify the right dealer audience for their breakout sessions and then focused their presentation to fit the needs of the audience. After the event, vendors offered a lot of praise for DOW and their execution of the event.

Dealers attending learned about new products from vendors they already support, new opportunities from vendors they may not be familiar with, and had the opportunity to network and learn from peers that are among the best in the 12Volt and custom integration industries. They were then rewarded for their hard work with one of the many extraordinary activities Streamsong offers. Dealers also offered strong positive feedback on the event.

DOW staff members welcomed attendees at an opening presentation.

Quotes from participating vendors:

“So far beyond the compare of a standard distributor/dealer show that just moves boxes. The Elite Retreat was a relationship and learning based experiential event that highlighted and built upon the strategic importance of the vendor to distributor to specialty dealer family partnership circle.” -Rick Kojan, Sony

“Thank you again for having us down to participate in the inaugural Elite Dealer Event for DOW. This was truly one of the best distributor events Escort has ever taken part in. Such an innovative approach kept everyone engaged for the duration.” -Brady Siebert, Cedar Electronics

Breakout sessions were held in very comfortable settings.

“The DOW Elite Dealer Retreat this week turned out to be a highlight for AudioControl in 2018! It is very challenging to juggle a manufacturer’s budget and staff with dozens of events throughout the year. We, at AudioControl, can honestly say this event far exceeded all expectations. The Streamsong Resort, though a long ways out, turned out to be a fantastic venue and the staff there all receive a 5 star recommendation. The attention to detail and attentiveness of the DOW crew made sure both Vendors and Dealers were comfortable, happy, and well aware of what we needed to accomplish over our two days at the Retreat. Great Event, Great Venue, Great Support, amazing detail with logistics and overall an event AudioControl would love to be a part of for many years to come!” -Chris Bennett, AudioControl

This relaxing lake setting was perfect for the Sony Marine banner.

“What a privilege to be part of the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat! It was a well thought out schedule of events to bring dealers and vendors together to train on new products and get feedback on current and upcoming products. One of the best aspects was being able to get some down time to get to know some dealers that you usually only talk to briefly through the day or when you see them at a normal tradeshow event. The DOW team pulled everything off without a hitch and we are all looking forward to what they have in store for next year!” -Andy Adkins, Metra Electronics

“I have been to many shows, but this retreat event by DOW was the best. Everything was professionally executed. Job well done to everyone at DOW.” -Phil Maeda, Rydeen Mobile Electronics


Quotes from participating dealers:

“A unique learning experience at an awesome venue with the best vendors and reps in the industry mixed with a lot of fun: This is why I do business with DOW Electronics” -Derek Tircuit, Tiger Audio, Gonzales, LA

“Breathtaking venue where we were surrounded by friends, colleagues, and some of the best reps in the industry to both relax as well as focus on offering the best products to our customers.” -Rudy Ivey, Music Express Car Audio, Hammond, LA


“Great people + fun times + learning = good for business.” -Ray Baldwin, Baldwin Electronics, Odessa, TX

“In my 30 plus years in the industry, this was the best distributor event I have ever been to. DOW really took it to another level.” -Mark Picogna, Audio Creations, Pelham, AL

For more info, visit www.DOWElectronics.com or call 1-800-627-2900.

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