• Mike Van Horn

DOW Electronics Donates to Vision Zero Network

TAMPA, FL (04.18.2019) – DOW Electronics has made a financial donation to Vision Zero Automotive Network. Vision Zero is a non-profit organization that’s working to help communities reach their goals of Vision Zero – eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. DOW Electronics supports Vision Zero’s mission and believes DOW and its retailers can contribute to the organization’s success.

Vision Zero Automotive Network was founded on the idea that the 12Volt aftermarket can help prevent deaths by reducing traffic accidents. Each year in the US alone, over 40,000 people die in traffic related accidents – another four million are injured. A majority of the safety features that can prevent traffic deaths are available in the aftermarket. With only 7% of vehicles on the road equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technology, 12Volt retailers can improve safety on the road by equipping the other 93% of vehicles with aftermarket safety features.

“DOW is proud to support the work Vision Zero is doing to improve safety on the road,” stated president & CEO John Yodzis. “We appreciate their effort to unify the 12Volt industry around this great cause. The 12Volt industry can play a significant role in helping to achieve the Vision Zero goal.”

Visit visionzeronetwork.org to learn more about this organization.

“We’re thrilled to have DOW Electronics join our cause, along with a number of other EDA members supporting our efforts,” said Bernie Sapienza, executive director of Vision Zero Automotive Network. “DOW carries an extensive assortment of collision avoidance, blind spot protection, parking assistance, and various OEM camera integration devices. Their commitment to safety is apparent.”

To learn more about DOW Electronics, visit DOWElectronics.com or call 1.800.627.2900.


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