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Directed’s Race the CEO Comes to Chicago Area

NORTHLAKE, IL (04.16.2019) – Team Directed led by VP Sales Eastern & Central Regions, Al Fontane brought the popular Race the CEO to the Chicagoland area. Race the CEO made its debut at Knowledgefest last year and continues to delight the crowds.

Race the CEO features Directed CEO, Bob Struble performing a DS4 remote start install with T-Harness on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler, and completing it in just over 3 minutes! Attendees are encouraged to outdo Bob Struble in the same vehicle.

The Jeep Wrangler positioned in the booth for the “Race the CEO Challenge.”

Al Fontane shared, “Race the CEO caused such a buzz at Knowledgefest Indiana (Click to view article) last month that George McGoldrick from AM Distributors wanted to bring it to their show.”

Fontane added “The DS4 is such a revolutionary platform, merging 4 technologies into one module (remote start, security, interface & Bluetooth) www.directed.com/ds4/ that folks can overlook the fact that the DS4 supported by the library of factory t-harnesses is engineered for quick install. With the DS4, shops can offer a unique feature set including free smartphone control that no one else can offer and get the install done in record time…higher ticket sales and they can do more of them in a day than ever before.”

Dealers getting set for their turn in “Race the CEO Challenge.”

Product Specialist Reps Justin Gear & Adam Nelson walked attendees thru the install process and prepped them for the race. Director of Sales Armando Parra, Sales Manager Patrick Virock, ADS Director of Channel Management Bob Hernandez along with local rep Echo Sales were also on hand for support.

“Pulling off a Race the CEO Challenge takes a lot of planning and manpower, but when a valued partner like AM Distributors asks for the support… we had to step up our game and get it done” Fontane added.

Visit directed.com for more.


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