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Directed Had a Major Presence at the Woofer Show

CHICAGO, IL (3.21.2019) – Directed Team rolled into the Chicago market strong to support valued partner Woofer Electronics for their annual trade show. Weary from their travels over the weekend @ K-Fest Indy, the Directed team led by VP Sales Eastern & Central Regions Al Fontane, brought an entourage to support Woofer Electronics.

Pictured L to R: Doug Hanson, Patrick Virock, Bob Hernandez, Armando Parra, Al Fontane, Mike Lewis, Rob Osheaski and Shelby Shimkus. Virock, Hernandez, Parra and Fontane are with Team Directed. Hanson, Lewis, Osheaski and Shimkus make up the award winning Echo Sales Team.

“It’s not easy running from one event to another, spending extended periods of time away from the family, but it’s important to support great partners like Woofer Electronics and their event. That said, the Woofer Show was terrific with great dealer traffic right up until closing at 10PM. Dealers wrote orders to make sure they were stocked for the tax refund season” Fontane stated.

Bob Hernandez, Alcohol Detection Systems’ Director of Channel Management, offered “We had strong interest with this new business opportunity from ADS which opens an entirely new revenue channel for 12volt retailers. At the event we had 2 dealers start the setup process on the spot. Several additional dealers plan to get started very soon.”

Echo Sales, the area Directed rep firm had 4 staff members on site. Rob Osheaski related “We were busy all evening working with dealers. We wrapped up after the 10 PM show close.”

Visit directed.com and woofered.com for more.


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