• Mike Van Horn

Directed Announces Upgraded Viper and Clifford Remotes

VISTA, CA (05.02.2019) – Directed is shipping improved upgraded Viper and Clifford models. The remotes feature a sleek, modern design tailored to consumer preferences.

Viper one-way remote start and security systems 412V, 3105V and 5105V can be upgraded to the Viper 7146V one-way, four-button remote. Viper two-way systems 3305V and 5305V also have the option to upgrade to the Viper 7345V two-way LCD remote.

Clifford one-way systems 3105X and 5105X can be upgraded to the Clifford 7146X one-way, four-button remote. Clifford two-way system 3305X also has the option to upgrade to the Clifford Viper 7345X two-way LCD remote.

“These remote designs reflect what our customers have been asking for,” said to James Turner, Directed’s SVP of Product Development and Technical Services. “With these improvements we’re able to offer an upgraded remote experience in our entry-level line of products.”

All systems are now shipping with these new remotes.

Visit directed.com for more.


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