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Directed Announces New Nissan DS4 T-Harness


VISTA, CA (11.27.2018) – Directed today further expanded its DS4 T-Harnesses making Nissan installations even easier. The THNIN5 is a plug-n-play solution for 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue and 2017-2018 Rogue Sport and Qashqai. The THNIN5 is compatible with both Smart Key and Regular Key systems.

“We’ve focused our innovation at Directed on addressing the challlenges faced by our install tech partners in the bays,” said James Turner, Directed SVP of Product Management.


Turner continued, “We constantly seek out their feedback and use it to guide the efforts of our engineering, product development and technical support teams. That partnership delivers breakthrough products like the THNIN5.This plug-n-play solution for the Rogue, Rogue Sport, and Qashqai will save technicians hours of time in the install bay.”

Directed T-harnesses utilize factory connectors for a faster, seamless installation.

Go to www.directed.com/ds4 to learn more about DS4 technologies and www.directechs.com to find out about Directed’s entire T-Harness lineup.


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