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Directed Announces New LED and Valet Button Control Center for DS4 Systems

VISTA, CA (08.06.2019) – Directed it is now shipping a new D2D Control Center for DS4/DS4+ systems – the 8620D – which will enable faster and more efficient installation of DS4 and DS4+ systems when used without a Directed RF kit.

The 8620D is a plug and play control center that connects to the DS4/DS4+ via one of the D2D 2.0 ports on the module, and includes a programming button and features the same LED flashing style as the new XDR control center.

“With the 8620D, we are responding to feedback from our valued installer partners. Before its release, technicians were required to hardwire an LED and valet switch into the DS4 if they weren’t using one of our RF kits,” said James Turner, SVP Core Product Planning. “With the 8620D, it’s easier for install techs to use the Directlink mobile app for programming. Plus, vehicle owners will love the fact that they can easily add their system to the SmartStart mobile app for convenient Bluetooth(r) control.”

The 8620D replaces the current wired LED/Valet switch in existing DS4/DS4+ systems and will be available as a separate part number for existing systems.

“The 8620D simplifies the DS4/DS4+ install for expediters who are selling 3x Start and still need to access control menus and BLE pairing on the DS4 and the DS4+,” according to Turner. “Because the 8620D connects to the DS4/DS4+ via an included D2D RF cable, adding an RF kit will be even easier if the customer decides to upgrade later on.”

Visit directed.com/ds4 for more.


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