• Mike Van Horn

Directed Announces New DS4 Control Center

“The XDR Control Center continues Directed’s record of innovating, enhancing and expanding our DS4 ecosystem. XDR means Xtreme Digital Range: this antenna delivers twice the range of its predecessor and lightning quick confirmations when paired with 2-way remotes,” said Directed SVP of Product Management James Turner. “Our engineering team spent months optimizing the design to ensure groundbreaking performance. Some other long-range RF technologies are susceptible to interference in high humidity conditions like snow or rain. Not the XDR. We employed proprietary trace antenna design and robust power management circuitry to deliver maximum predictable range in any condition.”

The XDR Control Center features transverse mounted blue LEDs that are more visible inside and outside the vehicle. It works with both DS4 and DS4+ systems and is backward compatible with all Directed 900MHz LCD 2-way, LED 2-way 5-button, LED 2-way 1-button, 1-way 5-button, and 1-way 1-button remotes.


All DS4 RF remote start and security systems are now shipping with the new XDR Control Center. It will be available as a separate upgrade under part number 6867T in December.

Go to www.directed.com/ds4 to learn more about DS4 technologies.


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