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Devine Concepts Said a Special Happy Mother’s Day

NAPLES, FL (05.20.2019) – Adam Devine, Devine Concepts, made a Happy Mother’s Day 2019 post on Instagram that really grabbed attention at The 12volt News. We spoke with Adam at length and he gave us permission to share his Happy Mother’s Day post to his Mother Michelle.

Click to view the image series on Devine Concepts’ Instagram page.

Adam posted “My MOM is the world’s best Mother. So for Mother’s Day I installed a Sony XAV-AX5000 CarPlay Radio and iDatalink Maestro SW… retaining the steering wheel controls in her 2011 Toyota Sienna. We also retained her factory USB and integrated her factory backup camera from the small OEM display to her new 7” touchscreen in the Sony head unit. The Sony XAV-AX5000 is user friendly and provides safety features for my Mother.”

In the Instagram post Adam made there were 10 images included. The first image posted showed how happy his Mother was when she opened her Mother’s Day present. The following images showed various stages of the installation with Adam’s Mother by his side. The last images showed the Sony XVA-AX5000 in the dash along with her cell phone connected.

“As a youngster I was working on installations in my car going to high school. During those years my Mother and father Eugene were very supportive of my hobby. I am now 36 and have 17 years in the 12volt industry. Now, as a business owner, my Mother is still very supportive. In fact, there is a magnetic sign on her Sienna for my business as she drives around town” Adam related.

Adam added “Seeing the smile on my Mother’s face was great when she opened her Mother’s Day present. Even better was topping off the present by spending some quality time together with my Mother during the installation process.”

Recently Adam opened his new business as ground up project in Naples FL. Beginning with posts in August of 2018 you can follow the process as Adam turned an empty shell into Devine Concepts…a truly first-rate 12volt retail location.

Concluding, Adam stated “I have built the shop on my dreams and would like to thank all who helped me along the way.”

Adam is a dedicated 12volt industry professional and a MECP Certified Master Technician.

Click to view the image series on Devine Concepts’ Instagram page.

Visit devine-concepts.com and instagram.com/devineconcepts for more.


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