• Mike Van Horn

DEI Introduces Heat Screen GOLD Metalized Matting

Low profile at only .031” thick, Heat Screen GOLD when placed with the reflective side facing toward the heat source will significantly reduce the transfer of heat to help keep the interior cooler and more comfortable. DEI recommends using Heat Screen GOLD metalized matting to cover intake air tubes, air boxes, firewalls, under carpet, over transmission tunnels or around mufflers or catalytic converters. Equally ideal for non-automotive applications, it can be used for marine, powersports or for any purpose where direct or radiant heat needs to be addressed.

For more information about DEI’s full line of heat and sound solution products, visit www.DesignEngineering.com, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail: [email protected]. To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or subscribe to DEI’s You Tube channel.


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