• Mike Van Horn

DEI Introduces 7” Silver Protect-A-Boots

AVON LAKE, OH (05.14.2019) – DEI’s new 7” Silver Protect-A-Boots protects spark plug wires and boots from excessive heat generated from the engine, exhaust manifold and headers that can cause wires and boots to burn, harden or crack resulting in arcing, misfire or event full ignition failure. Designed to withstand direct heat up to 1200°F they are extremely pliable allowing for easy installation for straight or angled boots.

Made from high temperature resistant woven glass fiber material with double-wall construction with no restricting steel ring, they are resistant to damage from chemicals, abrasions and contaminants. The new 7” size Silver Protect-A-Boots are now available in three options – 2 pack (#010510), 4 pack (#010509), or 8 pack (#010518), or in bulk (#010520)

For more information, visit designengineering.com, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail [email protected].


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