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dB Research Team and Their Escape Room Experience

LAS VEGAS, NV (11.12.2018) – The dB Research Team at the 2018 SEMA Show had a packed schedule. An Escape Room Experience was included. Escape Rooms have themes. Clues lead to puzzle pieces which ultimately provide the way to escape.

The dB Research Team escaped and Robert Diaz proudly hoisted the “We Did It” plaque. Hector Hernandez, Susano Garza, Randy Goodwin, Robert Diaz and Ernie Welch (L to R).

Following booth setup in the Performance Pavilion, late Monday afternoon October 29th, the crew was off to the Las Vegas Trapped Escape Room location just off the strip.

Finding clues to the puzzle led to the dB Research team’s escape.

Ernie Welch, dB Research National Sales Manager stated “Escape Rooms are designed for staff members to work together to solve problems as a team. With that in mind booked time at the Trapped Escape Room for our SEMA Show crew members including President Robert Diaz, Hector Hernandez, Susano Garza, Randy Goodwin and myself. In less than the allotted one hour we ‘escaped.’”

Randy Goodwin, Southeast Regional Manager offered “Working in the dark, as a group, we are able to ask questions and discuss options. Finding a pole, and then a hook to reach through jail bars was a joint effort that led to our escape.”

Susano Garza, Account specialist, commented “Working together as a group we found clues to get out of the dark.”


Concluding, Welch related “In these dark rooms you’re able to recognize everyone’s skill set at work and apply it to a team effort. This exercise was fun but also valuable to see how we can work even stronger together to better serve our customers.”

Following their escape, it was off to dinner for the Team.

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