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dB Drag Racing European Finals Set for Sept. 28 – 30

AUSTIN, TX (09.11.2018) – The dBDRA European Championship will be held in Montichari, Italy on September 28-30, 2018.

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The dB Drag Racing Association announces that the 2018 European Championship will be held in conjunction with the Festival Dei Motori in Montichiari Italy. The location for the event was chosen based on the success of the event location over the past few years. Many of the exhibitors from last year requested the location in Italy again for 2018. The exhibition hall and the competitor pit stall areas give ample space for both spectators and competitors alike.

The competitors are key to the success of the event and the dBDRA is looking forward to a great Championship. In addition to the competitors, top judges from multiple countries will be officiating at the event. By having multiple judges from various countries, this allows for consistency and accuracy amongst the judging staff. The dBDRA encourages judges worldwide to attend this event and maintain certification for the 2019 season.

The Festival Dei Motori is a very large annual auto festival that attracts over 25,000 visitors each year. The event is jam packed with entertainment, exhibitions and demonstrations throughout the weekend. According to Wayne Harris, president of the dBDRA, “We are looking forward to another great European Championship. We look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces and hope to see many new competitors qualify for this year’s championship.”


The competition will take place in the central pavilion with 5,000 meters (53,000 square feet) of space is dedicated to the championship. In addition to the dBDRA European Championship, the event will also be host to the Italian IASCA Sound Quality Event. The co-location of organizations is a benefit to competitors who crossover into multiple organizations or who may have team mates that compete at the same venue. This will also bring a bigger contingency of competitors and awareness to car audio competition for the spectators at the event.

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