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DAS to Host a Directed Field Training

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PALMAYRA, PA (09.18.2018) – DAS is set to host a Directed Field Training on Wednesday, September 19th, at the Hampton Inn in Manheim PA 17545. Doors will open at 6 PM Wednesday with dinner served. The session is scheduled to end by 9 PM.

The Directed Field Training will prepare shops and installers for the upcoming remote starter season.

Directed’s James Winning will conduct the session and show members of the audience that Directed’s products are designed for installers. Bruno Berg, Opus Marketing, is set to be in the house as well.

Ian Worrall, DAS representative in the territory, will be the host.

To register, call 800-233-7009. For Spanish, call 800-336-2730.

Visit dasinc.com and directed.com for more.


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