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DAS Adds SounDigital USA to Its Lineup

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PALYMRA, PA (06.29.2018) – DAS Companies Inc. has partnered with SounDigital USA to represent its lines with specialty retailers in thier territory. The partnership allows customers of DAS retailers to experience SounDigital’s powerful, high-efficiency amplifiers in their vehicles, boats and cycles, whether on-road, offroad or on the water.

“SounDigital expands our 12-volt lineup and provides our dealers with another quality line to succeed in the competitive mobile electronics industry,” said Rex Berfield, national sales manager. “Though the company made its name with competition, SounDigital has grown to become the go-to line for high-end installers and daily drivers wanting quality sound with power to spare. We’re very pleased to welcome such a strong partner to the DAS family.”


SounDigital is well known for engineering and producing some of the world’s most powerful and efficient amplifiers, developing a worldwide following of car audio enthusiasts, competitors and everyday drivers in more than 45 countries. On the competition side, SounDigital is actively involved as Team SounDigital and holds prominent performance records in various autosound competition organizations, including dBDrag, IASCA and MECA.

DAS has added the SounDigital product lineup to its 12-volt category. Products lines comprise the popular EVO Line of amplifiers, the new trio of corrosion- and UV-resistant Marine Line amplifiers, and the no-holds-barred Power Line of mono-block amplifiers, with output of up to 35,000 watts RMS.


“DAS is known as a company with great people who treat their suppliers and retailers with small-business attention,” said Diogo Ianaconi, CEO of SounDigital USA. “We want retailers to make a connection with our products to maximize their performance and profit opportunities. DAS has proven to be a valued partner that brings its brands and its retailers together.”

To see the SounDigital product lineup as well as our complete array of over 17,000 products, visit www.DASinc.com.


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