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Custom Audio with WeatherTech at Watkins Glen

WATKINS GLEN, NY (07.02.2019) – Custom Audio – Erie PA team members attended the SahLen’s Six Hours of The Glen on Sunday, June 30th. Custom Audio owner Sondralee Orengia and husband Joe, along with Nick Portonova and Adam McDermit, closed the store a bit early on Saturday for the drive from Erie to Watkins Glen NY. They made the return trip on Sunday and were open for business at the regular time on Monday morning, July 1st.

Badges, lanyards and WeatherTech info pictured as the Custom Audio Team prepared to head to the race in Watkins Glen.

WeatherTech was a key sponsor of the race day and Custom Audio is a Diamond WeatherTech retailer.

Sondralee related “Attending the race at Watkins Glen as a guest of WeatherTech is very special for both the store and me personally. I have attended many races at the Glen over the years and always enjoy it so very much. To go again with my husband, along with Nick and Adam from the store, was very special. We all had such a great time.”

Early Saturday morning 4 WeatherTech models are pictured with members of the Custom Audio team. Sondralee pictured in the center with husband Joe to the right. Adam McDermit is on the left with Nick Portonova behind the lens.

As a guest of WeatherTech the group had breakfast at the VIP Paddock Club and enjoyed great views of the IMSA road race track along with trackside access.

Joe, Adam and Nick (L to R) pictured in the WeatherTech pit.

Portonova commented “The Paddock Club was so nice. Adam and I had a great time and we really enjoyed watching the cars fly by on the track. The day was definitely a great experience.”

WeatherTech was fast on the track at Watkins Glen.

Concluding, Sondralee offered “We sell a lot of WeatherTech. It’s a special niche product and brings people into the store to see and buy. We are in the process of creating an in-store WeatherTech store to showcase their wide selection of in-vehcle products that augment their floor mats. We thank our WeatherTech representative and the company for including the Custom Audio team for a wonderful day at Watkins Glen.”

Visit customaudio.net and weathertech.com for more.

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