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CRUX Releases Radio Replacement Interface with Steering Wheel Control Retention for Select Toyotas 2

SWRTY-61C (Click to visit product page)

RESEDA, CA (01.22.2019) – The CRUX SWRTY-61C is a radio replacement interface for the above Toyota models. It facilitates the integration of an after-market radio to enable retention of certain factory features when replacing a factory-installed radio.

Compatible models include the following Toyota vehicles: Avalon (2019 – Up), Camry (2018 – Up), CH-R (2018 – Up), Mirai (2016 – Up), and Sienna (2018 – Up).

Click to visit SWRTY-61C product page


Key Features:

  1. Retains factory features in select Toyota vehicles while functioning with an aftermarket radio

  2. Pre-programmed to retain factory Steering Wheel Controls

  3. Retains factory back-up camera

  4. Retains factory Auxiliary Audio Input

  5. Includes factory USB retention adapter cable

  6. Includes antenna adapter

Visit cruxinterfacing.com for more.


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