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CRUX Releases 2 Product Installation Videos

CHATSWORTH, CA (05.20.2019) – CRUX Interfacing Solutions has created 2 new instructional videos that provide detailed product walk throughs. The first one is an installation video for the CRUX Rear- & Front-view Integration for Mercedes-Benz w/ NTG4.5 Systems VRFMB-78A.

The second video is an on screen display walkthrough. CRUX Interfacing Solutions created this detailed walk through video for vehicles that use the company’s v.Logic module. This module is used in several CRUX products that provide back-up/front cameras for vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. Following the steps in the video will allow dealers to customize an On Screen Display to a personal preference.

Hamza Khalid, CRUX Marketing Director, stated “Our quest is to continually educate our dealer base and deliver exceptional customer service. We feel these 2 new installation videos demonstrates our commitment to providing dealers with the tools they need to be successful in today’s marketplace.”

CRUX recently moved to a larger facility in Chatsworth, CA to accommodate the company’s growth.

Visit cruxinterfacing.com for more.


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