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CRUX at KnowledgeFest in Long Beach

CHATSWORTH, CA (03.04.2019) – CRUX Interfacing Solutions showed the company’s latest products on the KnowledgeFest show floor in Long Beach, CA.

Hamza Khalid, CRUX Marketing Director (R), talked with area rep Steve Zanki – Z Marketing (C) and Brian Bruning-Pacific Dealer Services about exciting new products from CRUX.

Hamza Khalid, CRUX Marketing Director, stated “It was a great show. It is a special moment to be in front of all the dealers and distributors that you work with throughout the year. To be able to answer and help industry people with their inquiries is really important in building trust between the consumer and the manufacturer! That’s what CRUX is all about. Its also great to see CRUX continue to be a member of Mobile Electronics Association.”

Bob Hering, CRUX Sales Manager, was lookin’ sharp and set for the show floor opening bell. The in-booth monitor display featured a video showing the CRUX BTS-GM1X interface.

At the event, the CRUX AMP-CH5 amplifier replacement interface for specific Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles grabbed a lot of attention.

Khalid related “The AMP-CH5 interface will allow aftermarket amplifiers to perform better than the factory amp without losing any factory audio features.”

Hamza Khalid (L) and Luis Gonzalez are ready for the show to open on Day 2 at KnowledgeFest in Long Beach. Khalid is the CRUX Marketing Director & Gonzalez the Technical Support Representative.

In the CRUX booth Bob Hering, Sales Manager, was set for the opening show bell. The CRUX in-booth monitor display featured a video showing the CRUX BTS-GM1X. The BTS-GM1X can be installed in a 1-minute plug and play installation to add Bluetooth streaming to GM LAN 29 Bit vehicles through the Factory XM tuner.

Luis Gonzalez completed the 3-Member CRUX Team in Long Beach. Gonzalez is the CRUX Technical Support Representative.

CRUX recently moved the company’s world HQ from Reseda, CA to a larger facility in Chatsworth, CA.

Visit cruxinterfacing.com for more.


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