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CRUX and DS18 at The 12Volt Central Studios

SHREVEPORT, LA (08.17.2018) – CRUX and DS18 are exhibiting at KnowledgeFest 2018 in Big D. Rich DeSclafani’s route from South Carolina to Dallas passed through Shreveport. Rob Ferro and Diego Navarro began the trip to Dallas from Miami. Their route to Dallas included traveling through Shreveport, LA.

Rich DeSclafani shows the side mirror mounted camera solution for the Toyota Tacoma outside the 12volt Central Studios.

In the 12volt Central Studios DeSclafani showed a number of CRUX interface products that will be in the company’s booth at KnowledgeFest 2018. The WVI-XWi-Fi video interface and the RFM Multi View Integration Interface, with A/V input and side mirror mounted cameras for the Toyota Tacoma, will certainly grab attention on the show floor in Big D.

DeSclafani, a 22-year industry veteran, stated “We are excited to be exhibiting at KnowledgeFest again. Seeing top quality dealers and networking with industry members is always very positive.” DeSclafani was the 2012 ME Manufacturer Rep of the Year.

Rob Ferro (L) and Diego Navarro pictured during their stop in Shreveport on Thursday morning August 16th. The 32’ custom trailer is loaded with the tricked UTV for the DS18 booth in Dallas.

KnowledgeFest 2018 is the first year for DS18 to exhibit. The DS18 booth in Big D will feature a tricked UTV highlighting the company’s HydroSports products. Ferro commented “We have great expectations to show our brand and products to hundreds of dealers at the show.”

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The DS18 rig on the road, a Ford 350 SuperDuty on 28” tires pulling a 32’ custom trailer, provided a lot of visibility for the DS18 brand. Navarro said “Seems like every other car that passed us on the highway wanted to honk and give us a big thumbs up.”

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