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Cogent Audio Labs to Participate in Next Mobile Solutions Master Tech Sub Bootcamp July 27-30

MESA, AZ (07.22.2019) – Cogent Audio Labs, a leader in competitive analysis, product development support, engineering support, and training is proud to announce that it will be participating in the next Mobile Solutions Master Tech Subwoofer Bootcamp, scheduled for July 27-30 at Mobile Solutions’ headquarters in Tempe, Ariz.

“Our Master Tech Subwoofer Bootcamp focuses on design concepts, technical considerations and build materials to create enclosures that integrate with the vehicle and optimize the sound quality of the installed subwoofers,” explained Bryan Schmitt, founder and lead instructor for Mobile Solutions. “Having an industry veteran like Garry [Springgay] from Cogent Audio Labs be part of our training will provide a vital learning experience on the fundamentals of subwoofer terminology, Thiele-Small parameters and enclosure construction for our students.”

Mobile Solutions’ Bryan Schmitt (Left) and Cogent Audio Labs’ Garry Springgay.

The Mobile Solutions Master Tech Subwoofer Bootcamp delves into the use of wood, metal, and other materials to ensure a stylish, audible addition that will stand up to the rigors of the automotive environment.

“We will cover what the woofer parts do, how a speaker works, how to interpret what the specs mean, and how to choose and construct the right enclosure for a given speaker,” explained Springgay, president of Cogent Audio Labs. “At the end, we have each of the different types set up and do a listening demonstration so the students can understand the differences in sound output from the different types of enclosures.”

Springgay offers more than 30 years of competitive analysis experience and in-depth audio knowledge to the audio industry at large. With the use of modern industry-standard test equipment and decades of hands-on experience, Cogent offers competitive analysis, product development support, engineering support, and training for retailers and manufacturers, sales, installation, and tech support staffs.

“Bryan is an old friend who continually provides leading edge instruction on today’s newest techniques and technologies, and we are proud to be a part of Mobile Solutions’ latest bootcamp,” Springgay concluded.


For more information on Mobile Solutions training, visit mobilesolutions-usa.com/training

For more information on Cogent Audio Labs, contact Garry Springgay at 480-892-1981, or email [email protected].


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