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Cerwin-Vega Mobile Shipping Spare Tire App-Powered Subwoofer

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LOS ANGELES, CA (06.28.2018) – Cerwin-Vega Mobile is now shipping the VPAS12ST, a 12” powered active subwoofer designed to fit into the center hub of most vehicle’s spare tire area in the trunk of the vehicle. The VPAS12ST was first introduced at CES 2018 and has garnered a lot of attention since for its innovative and practical application approach where consumers can add low-end bass output to their system without relinquishing any trunk space whatsoever.

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The VPAS12ST is encased in a solid non-resonant die cast aluminum body frame with integrated aero-vents for maximum heat extraction for superior reliability and performance. It is rated at 150W RMS @ 2Ω and designed with a PWM MOSFET power supply and thermal protection circuit. Included is a multi-function remote subwoofer control which features input gain control, bass boost (0-12dB), low pass filter (50-150 Hz), and phase switch of 0 or 180 degrees for potential time alignment tuning adjustments.


“This is a very intuitive and solution-driven product that many of our Cerwin-Vega Mobile enthusiasts have been asking for worldwide. Not having to sacrifice performance and trunk space with the peace of mind of being able to access your spare tire when required is an ideal system solution for a lot of consumers”, adds Bob Chanthavongsa, VP of Sales & Marketing.

The VPAS12ST comes measuring in at approximately 5.7” in height and 14.2” in diameter so it will fit perfectly in a minimum 15” sized spare tire wheel well. Retail pricing for the VPAS12ST range from $379.99 – $449.99 USD.

For more info, call 213-261-4161 or visit www.cerwinvegamobile.com.


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