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CarTronics MECA Summer Showdown with Pioneer and XS Power

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (07.25.2018) – The weather was scorching in the Tennessee Speed and Sport parking lot on Saturday, July 21st. The MECA competition was red hot too with 34 competitors in SQL, SPL and Show & Shine competitions.

LEFT: The Pioneer and Cartronics tents were set up early in the day. RIGHT: The Pioneer Toyota Highlander showcases the new Z and D speakers.

Cartronics, Nashville’s 3-store mobile electronics specialists and Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., teamed for the 4th of 7 events in the Sound-Off series to promote the MECA Summer Showdown.

Nathan Dunn, Cartronics General Manager, and Rex Ragland District Sales Manager, Pioneer, showed up in full force with Pioneer’s D-Series Toyota Highlander to promote Pioneer’s new High Performance line of Z and D speakers and subwoofers. Those who auditioned the demo vehicle were given a free Pioneer T-shirt, ear plugs, key chains, swag bags and a certificate good for 15-20% discounts off purchases at all Cartronics locations.

LEFT: With District Sales Manager Rex Ragland Pioneer is always “First.” RIGHT: Robin Noel shows her trophies with Payton Sweeny. Robin was the winner of the Show &Shine and Best of Show with her immaculate black Mustang.

Ragland stated “Everybody who listened to the vehicle was totally impressed with the sound quality, and even more impressed by the very affordable total system price.”

Nathan Dunn was pleased with the results and expressed his thanks for having the vehicle on-hand and commented that “it was a big hit at the show.”

Robin Noel’s winning Mustang.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish, commented “The Cartronics booth was busy all day giving demos in the Pioneer Highlander. Pioneer is MECA Manufacturer Member. Having Rex and the Pioneer Highlander on site added to the event and is a great example of our trade association doing its’ job. A MECA event with Retail Member hosting and sponsoring the contests, with a Manufacturer Member onsite with a demo vehicle and proactive, in the event was terrific. XS Power also contributed to the overall event.”

For more info, visit cartronics.audio, mecacaraudio.com, pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA, and 4xspower.com.

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