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Cadence Tesla Makes a Big Splash at CES 2019

INDUSTRY, CA (02.08.2019) – Cadence is proud to announce a very successful CES 2019, which included showing the Cadence QRS speakers, QRS series of hybrid/electric car friendly GH amplifiers and our BeastMaster subwoofer installed in the new Cadence Demo Vehicle-a new Tesla Model 3.

Cadence thanks everyone for their support at the CES 2019 show. Enrique Avalos stated, “We were pleased to see many familiar faces and we were shocked to get a visit from a few Tesla employees including Tesla Engineer Mr. Raphael Velasquez, who made a bee line to our show car straight from the airport. He could not wait to take a serious look at the Tesla vehicle fully outfitted with Cadence products… a Tesla hard hitting install that showed it is possible to install full blown systems in electric cars. As we plan for the future of the mobile electronics industry, this furthers our commitment to bring new business possibilities to our dealers with product that that can be reliable for the cars of tomorrow.”

The Cadence QRS amplifiers efficiency factors fully compliment the limiting factors found in hybrid and electric cars. Class G/H amplifiers utilize Class AB output topology, but the power supply has a dynamic range that at lower power levels, operates at a lower voltage and during higher power levels the DC/DC conversion kicks into high gear and produces higher voltage levels. Class G convert DC/DC at only 2 levels, however Class H is a bit more dynamic. The sound quality of these amplifiers is so superb that Tesla drivers and engineers alike love it.

For additional information, visit cadencesound.com or call 626-465-3383.


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