• Mike Van Horn

Cadence Announces Oncore as Its Most Advanced High End SQ Line

INDUSTRY, CA (06.18.2019) – Oncore is about the Music and the Music first. The belief about how music can move your soul is at the heart of their thinking and this drives all their designs and engineering.

After 40 years of OEM manufacturing experience and 27 years of manufacturing their own Cadence line of products, Cadence has finally given consumers exactly what they want: A Top-of-the-line full series of products that bring forth the countless hours of Research and Development that were spent designing and listening to perfect their products. The Oncore Audio products by Cadence, combine high power, performance and unsurpassed sound quality.

The company worked closely with a team of US designers as well as their in-house engineering staff to develop early iterations of Oncore Audio. Numerous early concepts eventually gave way to final ground breaking designs. Oncore, not me-too off the shelf products using off the shelf parts. A custom tooled line designed from an installers perspective that caters to the Mobile Electronics industry with technology to produce accurate and dynamic sound so we can enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard.

The company’s SM subwoofers offer high fidelity, high performance and shallow mounting depth that don’t sacrifice low frequency reproduction. Designed with all the excursion of conventional woofers.

All this and the capability to be fully field serviceable without any glues, make these subwoofers a great choice.

Absolutely no sales on the internet allowed. For more information, call (626) 465-3383 or visit www.oncore.audio


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