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Brandmotion Unveils New and Improved Universal Radar Blind Spot System


SOUTHFIELD, MI (08.13.2018) – Like our breakthrough first-generation system, Brandmotion’s new and improved Radar Blind Spot System accurately detects unseen vehicles in a driver’s blind spot and alerts them with a visual warning via an LED indicator light mounted at the bottom of the windshield trim. An audible alert is triggered when the driver turns on their turn signal and a vehicle is detected in the blind spot. Our new system now has a detection range of 40 feet behind the vehicle, 16 feet larger than the original version. The radars are 50% smaller than the previous version allowing the radars to be installed on even more vehicles, and they cut out 85% of false triggers by reading vehicle speed.


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The kit now includes universal install brackets that are engineered to seamlessly mount to any vehicle. While other aftermarket devices use adhesive to attach to a plastic bumper, Brandmotion’s system bolts to the vehicle’s body for added stability with a factory fit and finish.


Key Product Features:

  1. Authentic OEM components with universal brackets included

  2. Class-exclusive Cross

  3. Traffic Alert

  4. Visual indicators mount cleanly at bottom of windshield trim; no exposed wires

  5. System activates when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph

  6. Audible warning alert helps prevent ill-timed lane changes

  7. System does not trigger when stationary objects are detected

  8. Only senses the lane next to the vehicle and not two lanes over

  9. Senses motorcycles and semi trucks

  10. More accurate, more useful, and more reliable than camera-based blind spot monitors

Click Here to Download the Radar Blind Spot Sell Sheet PDF.

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