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Brandmotion Shipping Heavy-Duty Utility Truck Rear Vision Cameras

Click above to view the trailer rear vision sell sheet PDF

SOUTHFIELD, MI (01.23.2019) – Backing up a utility vehicle can be a complicated process especially when you have a large chassis cab or van that prevents you from seeing directly in back of your vehicle. Brandmotion now has the heavy duty camera your truck or van needs.

Click image to visit product page

Click image to visit product page

The camera is available for easy connection to factory or universal aftermarket display or with a 7″ dual input monitor. Once the vehicle is put in reverse, the camera’s view will automatically be displayed. Each system comes with a waterproof/rust-proof vehicle mount and a waterproof / shockproof 140° infrared camera.



  1. Rear vision camera equipped with infrared technology

  2. Optional park lines

  3. Cameras are waterproof and shock resistant

  4. Camera shows a 140° vision of the surrounding area

  5. Integrates into the body of the vehicle for a factory finish

  6. 7” Dual Input Monitor included in 9002-7702 only

Click here to view the trailer rear vision sell sheet PDF.

Visit brandmotion.com for more.


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