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Brandmotion Releases New & Improved GM Wireless Charger Retrofit

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SOUTHFIELD, MI (12.19.2018) – Brandmotion has released the Qi Wireless Charging Replacement Kit for 2015-2018 GM vehicles. This product was designed to seamlessly replace vehicle’s current factory wireless charging system that is not compatible with iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Brandmotion’s FreedomCharge systems use the wireless charging standard, Qi, to keep your phone going without the hassle of plugging it in. This type of charging has increased in popularity with use in homes, vehicles, and is now used by Apple in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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Key Features:

-Utilizes the wireless charging standard, Qi, to charge your phones without cables -Replaces factory module for wireless charging -Does not interfere with your vehicle’s Bluetooth functionality while using your infotainment system. -Charge your phone to 100% battery and tapers off to avoid overcharging. -Audible tone when phone engages to charge -Re-uses the factory non-slip charging mat that holds your phone securely in place while driving.

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