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BOYO Shipping Streaming Media Rear-View Mirror Monitor

FULLERTON, CA (04.09.2019) – Charles Kim, Vision Tech America Director of Marketing, was in the BOYO booth at the recent DAS CE Dealer Show at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

VTR93M on display in the BOYO booth at the DAS Show.

Kim stated “The VTR93M DVR Mirror Monitor, Streaming Media Rear-Vew Mirror Monitor, grabbed a lot of attention from dealers at the DAS Show. The high quality display caught dealers eyes in the booth.”

“The VTR93M grabbed everyone’s attention at the DAS Show.” -Charles Kim

Joe Palilla, Potomac Sales, related “The VTR93M is really special. With touch screen and 2 cameras it is very versatile. We had group training sessions with dealers at the DAS show. This was the first time dealers had seen this new product and virtually every dealer placed an order for the VTR93M.”

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