• Mike Van Horn

BOYO Shipping New Spiral Trailer Cable

FULLERTON, CA (05.14.2019) – BOYO is shipping a new Spiral Trailer Cable, VTSP415.

“BOYO is shipping the new Spiral Trailer Cable. The VTSP415 is designed for pulling a large trailer needing connectivity to the main vehicle for an installed backup camera,” commented Mike Northup of BOYO’s Fullerton, CA office.

This product includes the following features: 4 Pin Spiral Cable with an elasticity of up to 9.8 Feet (3 Meters). 0.5m 4 Pin Cable with Male and Female Trailer Connectors included. 15m Extension Cable included. Brass and nickle plated housing and knurled nut. Treaded fittings plug and sockets ensures every connection is waterproof. Shielded Cable to reduce video noise interference. PVC insulation provides good protection from corrosion, moisture and heat.

Visit visiontechamerica.com for more.


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