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BOSS Audio Systems Launches Two New Low Profile Powered Subwoofers

OXNARD, CA (04.22.2019) – BOSS Audio Systems has announced the launch of two new slim-fit powered subwoofers. Now shipping, the 400/800 Watt (RMS/Peak) 8-inch BAB8 (MSRP $119.99) and the 600/1200 Watt (RMS/Peak) 10-inch BAB10 (MSRP $139.99) are now available at bossaudio.com and other retail outlets.

“If you are tight on space but want big power and thumping bass, the BAB8 and BAB10 are great solutions,” said Doug Kern, BOSS Audio Systems VP of Sales and Marketing. “These all-in-one amplifier and subwoofer units combine into a slim-fit design, allowing for an installation where most other amps and subs simply won’t fit, such as in trucks and small cars.”

Both powered subs include a pulse width modulated design, which controls the output voltage and current precisely by not only removing the output current sensing loss, but also eliminating all secondary feedback circuitry. It increases efficiency while being lighter, smaller, and more reliable.

The BAB8 and BAB10 also include a variable low-pass filter, RCA inputs, Bass Boost, Auto Power On with Smart Sense, remote subwoofer control, and a single voice coil configuration.

“These are the ideal powered subs that also won’t break the bank,” Kern concluded. “Embrace the bass!”

Visit www.bossaudio.com for more.


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